• Sunrise At: 6:44 AM
  • Sunset At: 5:30 PM

Those people who have recently visited the inside of our community building, which is taking shape will have seen that while the outside looks finished, the inside is still under construction. The builder has agreed that instead of finishing all the walls with plaster, he would fix marbles imported from Egypt. Please take time out and see the progress; the downstairs part is almost completed with marbles on all the walls.

The next phase is that he will do the same upstairs covering the walls with marbles. This will be followed with second fix electrical work; and then heating and ventilation work will begin. First fix of Wudhukhana and sanitary work has beed done. So, the second fix of this will also be completed soon.

All internal and external doors have been made out of hardwood. Doors have already been manufactured by the same people who did all the doors in the new Madresah.

When all internal fix has been completed, work will begin to lay slate grey colour plastic lenolium floor. This is the same type of floor as those you see at hospitals. All shoes area.

We expect to see the building completed soon.

Last updated on 1st October 2018.

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