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Community Building project

COMMUNITY BUILDING PROJECT I am sure that you are all aware of our new Community Building that is currently under construction. The old Madrassah building at the top the car park was vacated back in 2011, when the new Madrassah building was completed. Alhumdullilah, what a wonderful project the new Madrassah building was, which the people of Coventry supported both with their duas and donations. When we began the new Madrassah building project, we did not have much money and the estimate to complete the project was over a million pounds. I can assure you, most of the committee members had several sleepless nights worrying how the money for the project would be raised!
What we did not know is how much Allah SWT had guided you all to make such generous donations which amounted to a total of just under £1,500,000. Once again, we need your support to complete our new Community Building project. Primarily, the building will be used to accommodate large gatherings at the time of bereavements. For years, we have struggled to adequately accommodate friends and family who attend funerals. On most occasions, our houses are not adequate to facilitate large numbers of people. Along with this, the building will be a fantastic resource for the community, providing a space for many other community based activities. Questions people ask are, when will it be finished and can the donation be a Sadaqa-e-Jariyah?
Mufti Iqbal, our respected Imam, has explained that it will be a Masjid property and its use, primarily, would be to help people who have had a bereavement in the family. Any future reward from its use would help the maintenance of the Masjid and would thus be a form of Sadaqa-e-Jariyah. As to when the building construction will be completed, this depends on how quickly we gather sufficient funds to pay the total cost, which is around £670,000.
The construction of the Community Building has started and the first phase is almost finished. So far, we have issued three cheques totalling to £217,300. Most of that money has been from savings which the Masjid held. We still need to find in the region of £452,700 to complete the project.
Your continuous generous donation is needed to ensure work on the project continues without interruption. Please contact anyone from the committee and we would be happy to walk you around the construction site.
In order to raise funds, there was a sister’s Fun Day in the car park of the Masjid last Sunday, 27th August 2017. It was attended by some 500 + people. At the event, there were 35 stalls selling various items with proceeds going towards the Community Building project. The most popular stall was the barbequed hot food!
The event was organised mainly by sisters for sisters with a fabulous sum of more than £6200 raised.
Following on from this success, we are presently planning a similar event in the Majid car park for Sunday 1st October 2017. It will be a male event, though sisters accompanied by mahram can also attend. In addition to lots of goods on sale, the primary focus would be on various barbequed food and tasty Asian dishes.
Why don’t you take up a table, sell your goods and donate the proceeds to the Masjid? One thing you definitely don’t need to do on that Sunday is cook. Get all of your family’s lunch and dinner from the Masjid, we look forward to seeing you there!

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